Phytelligence is an agricultural technology company that’s revolutionizing food crops

Phytelligence solves growers’ biggest challenges by providing clean, true-to-type plants and rootstock in quantities that free up the industry backlog

 Faster Fruit

The Phytelligence provides clean, true-to-type plant material and shaves off meaningful time to saleable fruit through our proprietary MultiPHY™process

Lower Mortality

Phytelligence plants have a less than 1 percent mortality rate, versus the 10-40 percent experienced by many growers. Our plants are healthier and more vigorous in part because we never destroy the root system throughout the growing process. Plants are delivered virus free with full, intact root systems leading to healthier plants that are able to resist disease.

Variety Availability

The worldwide rootstock shortage continues to plague the industry, but Phytelligence has the ability to provide the volume you need while helping to ease the bottleneck in the rest of the industry. We have the size, scale, and technology needed to finally solve the rootstock shortage.

Our industry has relied on old fashioned nurseries forever and dealt with undersupply and delayed shipments. It is ripe for change and Phytelligence is the solution.

Jim JacksonManaging Member and Chief Executive Officer Royal Bluff Orchards

Phytelligence just gets it. As a pear grower, I appreciate Amit and his team delivering uniform, vigorous plants that really take off when I plant them.

Josh KoempelPotentiality Orchards

Quality and Availability

  • Clean, true to type plant material that grows rapidly and bears fruit faster
  • Confirmed virus clean
  • Less than 1% mortality rate, beating the best in the industry
  • Each of our plants are genetically confirmed to be the variety you ordered

Research & Partnership

  • Bringing the latest technology from Washington State University to growers
  • Other nurseries dabble in tissue culture, but the Phytelligence MultiPHY™ process was specifically designed to multiply faster and produce stronger plants. No other provider has our protected MultiPHY™ technology
  • Phytelligence is focused on solving grower problems

Innovative Technology

  • MultiPHY™ tissue culture process enables lower-cost, higher-quality plants to our growers. With traditional nurseries, plant cost rises after delivery with wrong material shipped, lost growth time from mortality and weaker plant material
  • Phytelligence has the ability to scale and ramp new varieties faster than anyone else in the industry, getting plants into growers hands quickly. Our 29 million in plant capacity in tissue culture gives us ample supply to meet demand