We grow fully-rooted, genetically confirmed, guaranteed virus and disease-free plants.

Clean True-to-Type Plants

Our top priority is quality and availability. Each plant variety is genetically confirmed to be true-to-type per order using DNA technology. They’re virus free, grow rapidly and bear fruit faster.

MultiPHY™ Process

Our advanced micropropagation process, combined with the highest level of quality control, enables low-cost, high-quality plants that help growers solve their problems of time and scale to meet today’s market demands.

University Heritage

Phytelligence is the first agricultural technology company to be born out of Washington State University, where we developed Phytelligence’s own MultiPHY™ process. MultiPHY™ is an advanced high-tech agricultural propagation method that’s designed to produce stronger plants that multiply faster.

Our industry has relied on old fashioned nurseries forever and dealt with undersupply and delayed shipments. It is ripe for change and Phytelligence is the solution.

Jim JacksonManaging Member and Chief Executive Officer Royal Bluff Orchards