Director of Genomics

Reports to: Chief Science Officer

Position Summary:

This position is responsible for two key areas:

  • Working with Phytelligence Breeding Lead, IT Lead, and Project Manager to build genetic reference data bases in apple, cherry, pear, and grape from 50 genomes that will be used for:
    • Internal breeding selection in the development and commercialization of new apple, cherry, pear, and grape varieties and rootstock
    • To screen new compounds to be licensed from the WSU Dhingra Lab
    • To enable subscription access to be sold for non-competitive applications
  • Ensuring that Phytelligence genetic analysis capabilities:
    • Are the highest quality, highest throughput, lowest cost possible for ensuring 100% true to type and delivery of virus free plants to growers produced using MultiPHY™ process
    • Are utilized, implemented and priced efficiently for contract genetic analysis work for the growers in the industry

The above means leading a genetics and molecular biology research group focusing on strategic and applied genetics and genomics research with applications in the perennial crop breeding. The position will contribute to genome mapping, molecular marker development, high throughput genotyping approaches and establishment of genetic populations, and establish a genomics and molecular marker database to be used in commercial plant breeding projects at Phytelligence.

Key Responsibilities

  • Exploit genomics knowledge in developing molecular markers for management-approved trait targets
  • Establish high throughput genotyping – including setting up a high throughput facility that may include automation
  • Work with commercial breeding to utilize molecular markers for parents and seedling selection for the development of new crop varieties
  • Develop a user-friendly and secure genomics, genetics and molecular marker database in coordination with IT
  • Contribute to crossing plans and experimental design in the lab and the field.
  • Plan, budget, and manage the genetics programs at Phytelligence
  • Manage the genetics and molecular biology team

Experience and Competencies:

  • PhD in plant genetics, or plant sciences with a track record of applying genetics tools in a commercial setting
  • Substantial knowledge of molecular and mutation breeding techniques, and genome editing
  • Hands on knowledge of marker technology, QTL analysis, and Biostatistics
  • Experience with computational biology and bioinformatics
  • Excellent oral and written communication, skills
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and manage a team
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects and make decisions in a timely manner

We provide a highly competitive base salary, compensation plan, and options program.



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