Our Technology Does What Other’s Can’t

Unlike traditional stool bed production, our MultiPHY™ process eases the rootstock bottleneck and gives growers access to the plants they need, when they need them.

We’re Changing the Nursery Business

The Phytelligence growing process means that plants are healthier, virus-free and genetically confirmed before we ship. Plants are grown in greenhouses and delivered in Ellie pots meaning the root system is never destroyed, eliminating the risk of transfer shock.

 We deliver products:

  • Faster
  • At the greatest volume
  • Of the highest quality
  • At an insurmountable cost advantage

Grower Benefits Include:

  • Higher grower ROI
  • Faster fruit by years
  • Shorter wait for plants
  • 100% accuracy of plant orders
  • Less than 1% mortality
  • Lowest effective cost plants
  • Greater variety of more resistant plants and compounds

Additional Benefits:

  • Water savings
  • Reduced use of pesticides and fungicides
  • Energy efficient

What Makes Us Unique

Our proprietary MultiPHY™ technology is unlike any other tissue culture process in the industry. Each variety and type of plant we produce receives its own custom gel formulation to ensure it grows healthy, virus free, and ready to take off as soon as it’s planted. Our technology minimizes the mortality rate and produces plants with full, robust root systems instead of the bare-root varieties sold by our competitors.

Grow with confidence thanks to our advanced genetics, superior technology and genetically confirmed plant material.