Our Technology Does What Others Can’t

Unlike traditional stool bed production, our MultiPHY™ process eases the rootstock bottleneck and gives growers access to the plants they need, when they need them.

What Makes Us Unique

In the agriculture sector, no one else can offer MultiPHY™ – an advanced high-tech propagation and quality control process. The process ensures you have genetically confirmed true-to-type plants that grow healthy, virus and disease-free, and ready to thrive as soon as they’re planted. Each plant begins in a greenhouse, developing a strong and robust root system. Then they’re delivered to you in an Ellepot or plug, so the root system is never disturbed, eliminating transplant shock. The results speak for themselves – as the fruits of our labor, research and technology are passed on to you.

Grower Benefits Include:

  • Higher ROI
  • True-to-type accuracy, 100% genetically confirmed
  • <1% mortality on all orders
  • Wide array of plant offerings from same disease-free source

Grow with confidence, thanks to our superior technology and clean true-to-type plants.