“Nurseries Invest in Phytelligence”

By May 15, 2013Investment

Today, Good Fruit Grower discussed the International New Variety Network (INN) investment in Phytelligence. 


“Four major nurseries that form the North American group of the International New Varieties Network (INN) have made a significant investment in … Phytelligence.


“[North American INN leader Jack] Snyder said the INN members saw value in being able to use genetic analysis to identify plants. First, it could help the nurseries protect their new and patented varieties. Second, it can ensure that nurseries deliver exactly what the growers ordered. Snyder said several cases of mistaken identity involving Geneva rootstocks have underlined the importance of DNA testing before mass production begins. He foresees that the nurseries will have genetic analysis done of mother trees and the second-generation scion blocks.


“The nurseries also are interested in having a tissue culture lab at their disposal to get new varieties out to growers more quickly. Not only is tissue culture faster than traditional propagation in the field, but it also requires fewer resources, such as land and employees, Snyder said.”

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