Phytelligence Named to GeekWire’s Prestigious Seattle 10 List

By November 15, 2017News

SEATTLE, Wash. – November 15, 2017 – Phytelligence, an agricultural biotechnology company revolutionizing the way food crops are grown, was recently named to the GeekWire Seattle 10, an innovative list of groundbreaking startups based in the Seattle region. GeekWire is a fast-growing, national technology news site that publishes the Seattle 10 list yearly.

To select the winners, a panel of heavy hitters from within the tech industry was asked to find the next Zillow, Amazon or Expedia from the ever-growing Seattle tech pool. Only companies with legitimate product traction that have moved out of the “idea” stage were considered for the list.

The Seattle 10 list companies will display canvas posters about their history and business at Seattle’s Museum of History and Innovation through February 2018. The canvases will be unveiled at the GeekWire Gala on December 6, 2017 at MOHAI in Seattle.

The judges noted the combination of industry disruption and the environmental advantages of Phytelligence appealed to the Seattle 10 panel, who look for organizations with both compelling technology and a global benefit.

Phytelligence helps fruit growers across the globe by providing superior quality plants using their proprietary MultiPHY™ micropropagation technology. Starting plants in custom formulated, nutrient-rich gel enables rapid growth of the healthiest and strongest plants possible for growers to plant in their fields. The plants are also genetically screened to confirm accurate shipment of correct varieties and ensure that they are virus and disease free. This puts money back into the grower’s pocket by generating more sales faster while reducing costs from planting the wrong type of tree, or mortality from diseased plants.

In addition to an increase in ROI for produce growers, there are several environmental benefits to using Phytelligence plants and the MultiPHY™ method, including significant water savings. Plants grown in the proprietary MultiPHY™ gel use less water throughout their life cycle compared to traditional nurseries, a critical benefit for drought-ridden regions. Healthier plants also require fewer pesticides and chemicals and the ability to produce plants faster leads to more available produce globally.

About Phytelligence

Phytelligence is an agricultural biotechnology company that is revolutionizing food crops. Utilizing its proprietary growing techniques to provide superior quality crops, Phytelligence enables higher grower profit by increasing speed to harvest while reducing input costs. Phytelligence provides additional value to food crop growers and plant breeders through the application of advanced genetics enabling delivery of accurate plants, disease screening, plant repository services, securing of intellectual property, and the ability to co-develop new varieties of food crops. In addition, Phytelligence has a growing pipeline of biological and compound solutions aimed at improving returns throughout the food crop value chain.

Phytelligence was founded in 2012 by Dr. Amit Dhingra, Associate Professor of Horticulture Genomics and Biotechnology Research laboratory at Washington State University.  Phytelligence is headquartered in Seattle with locations in Burien, Washington, Pullman, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Currently, Phytelligence has 75 employees and continues to grow.


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