Phytelligence Works to Protect Rights to Cosmic Crisp Apple and Provide Greater Access for Growers

By March 14, 2018News

In late February, we filed a lawsuit against Washington State University (WSU) to protect Phytelligence’s right to propagate Cosmic Crisp apples and increase availability for Washington state growers.

In 2012, we were granted an option for a license from WSU or its agent to commercially propagate Cosmic Crisp. We have exercised that option; however, WSU and its agents have not yet provided the license to Phytelligence. Our efforts have been met with repeated delays and misinformation, ultimately preventing us from propagating Cosmic Crisp to date. During this time, Washington state growers have been increasingly frustrated with unnecessarily restricted access to Cosmic Crisp.

We recognize and value WSU’s broad and continuing support of Phytelligence; our concerns in this matter stem from the actions of a few individuals within the University. As such, concurrent to this legal filing, we are continuing to work directly with WSU to identify a mutually beneficial resolution.

Given our long-standing relationship with WSU and our shared interests, we are optimistic this issue can be resolved to everyone’s benefit.

Ken Hunt

CEO, Phytelligence

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